Monday, October 31, 2011

Faux Comfort

Being a vegan is becoming very cool and trendy so this is my chance to jump on the bandwagon and also spread some information about my passion for food. Although, I am not passionate about just any food, it has to be vegan and it has to be delicious. I love to make delicious food and talk about delicious food more than I like to do just about anything. All of my cooking is inspired by classic dishes from around the world that people love to eat. The most important aspect of food is for it to be nourishing, but also delicious, most importantly delicious! When most people hear the word vegan they think it going to be a sprouted salad with a side of raw unseasoned veggies, with no dressing, on top of a pile of alfalfa...ew. This is NOT what being vegan is about (If this describes your way of eating, don't be offended just know you don't have to eat like a bunny in order to be a good person).
Veganism is about making conscious choices to positively affect the world around you, and surprisingly enough you can do that and still eat GREAT food. So long gross flat healthy food and hello gorgeous faux comfort food. My intention is to talk about food experiences and share recipes with people who are looking for delicious healthy VEGAN, delicious, awesome, delicious food that you can trick your most meaty McMeat head friends into eating. Also, for the record, no I don't eat fish or ice cream, YES I do get plenty of calcium and protein, and nope this gorgeous purse that I am carrying is NOT leather. OK now that we have this out of the way...lets get VEGANed.

*Oh and by the way, I love to have fun, so if you have any ideas of how to add any extra fun to my food please let me know! Fun, laughs, and great food...ready go!

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