Monday, November 7, 2011

Vegan Chicken Salad-Whole Foods Style - For my Mom!

Ok this one has to go out to my momma because she loves all things salad.  Chicken salad, tuna salad, ham salad, egg salad….you get it.  I grew up eating chicken salad (well really turkey salad, because we usually made it after the holidays when we had turkey.)  Regardless of the type of salad I always loved it so much and to this day search out the world’s best salads.  

I have found that Whole Foods has the best vegan chicken salad in the entire world.  Although at our store it is $9.99 per pound which is usually out of my budget so I have tried a bunch of recipes to replicate theirs and I think this is the closest.   Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.
Things you will need:
·         Chicken Style Seitan
·         Veganaise
I like the original Follow Your Heart with the Blue Lid.  Tastes the most like I remember Mayo to taste like, but if you have another favorite feel free.
·         Celery Hearts (diced fine)
·         Scallions (mostly the white part sliced thinly)
·         Fresh Parsley
·         Salt and Pepper to taste
Now depending on how many people you are serving will dictate your quantities.  Also as usual I don’t really measure many things in my life, but I will give you an estimate of how much you need to feed 4ish.
·         2 packages of seitan
·         2/3 cups faux style Mayo
·         3 small stalks from the middle of the celery diced fine.  If you like it crunchier add more, if you don’t add less.
·         I would use the white part of about 4 scallions.
·         A good handful of fresh parsley.  Measuring fresh herbs is tricky but I would say a ¼ cup.
·         Salt and pepper to taste.

Now put everything in a big bowl and mix up and enjoy.

This is a very simple recipe but will full people for sure!  It tastes great and can be served so many ways.  I like it straight forward on a sandwich with a little extra veganaise, but if you want you can spice it up!
Make a Vegan Chicken Salad Club!!
All you need to do is add a few strips of Smoky Tempeh (Fakin’ Bacon)
I usually sauté the strips for about 2 minutes on each side in some vegan butter.  Then just add bacon, lettuce, and tomato to your chicken salad sandwich and ENJOY!

This chicken salad can also be used for pesky last minute pot lucks, baby showers, church socials, or anywhere women gather.  Now men like this too, but women are notorious for their meat salad socials. At these events I would recommend baking up some Pillsbury crescent rolls and serving the chicken salad lunched style on a split roll!

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